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California Car Theft Race 3D

4.6 ( 1936 ratings )
ゲーム アクション レーシング
開発者 Tayga Games OOO

Get a chance to become a real gangster who is out on a rampage mode! Steal Cars on the road and kill people in the city with knockout kicks and punches. Dive into the atmosphere of criminal California city!
Welcome to California crime city! Feel yourself as a violent criminal driver - steal cars, start a gunfight, rob and take part in extreme cop chase! Become a part of powerful Mafia gang, use powerful weapons and ammo and join California crime empire! Are you ready to commit a crime?

It’s high time for car theft! Do your illegal job living the life of a criminal driver, deal with stolen cars and make some cash selling it! Are you ready to become a city car thief? Gain ultimate racing experience, participate in crime city race trying to avoid cop chase with this crime simulator in 3D! More illegal missions you finish - more street respect you will get! Become a gang leader playing California Car Theft Race 3D!

Become a gangster and dive into a criminal world full of dangers! Cops are everywhere! Drive fast, complete illegal criminal missions – steal cars, participate in gunfights, buy powerful weapons and ammo! Take part in extreme city race and cop pursuits to join California Crime Empire! Get ultimate driving experience, rushing your car down California city streets and never let cops catch you! Start your career being a car thief, participate in gunfights and complete illegal missions to become a real gang leader! Keep your guns and weapons alert to build your own crime empire playing California Car Theft Race 3D! Shoot all the enemies to make your gang the most powerful at whole California!

Complete missions to get rich and become a Mafia King! Show how rampaging you could be playing this crime simulator in 3D! Start you criminal career being a driver! Race fast and never let cops catch you!

California Car Theft Race 3D features:

- Illegal missions, car thefts, robberies and extreme cop pursuits
- Different guns, weapons and ammo to prove your worth as a criminal driver
- Start your own gang to become Mafia King
- Powerful sport cars to enjoy high speed racing
- Ultimate crime simulator in 3D

Establish your own Crime Empire with this ultimate criminal racing game in 3D! Start as a criminal driver stealing luxury and become a gang leader who has his own massive crime empire! Complete illegal criminal missions you can find right on the city streets – rob, steal cars, take part in cop pursuits and gunfights using powerful weapons! Become a criminal driver with this racing game! Join a gang or build your own crime empire playing California Car Theft Race 3D! Never let cops catch you!